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The cider sector really needs to find itself. So many big brands risk falling off the back of that bandwagon. No wonder supermarkets are de-listing flavoured ciders – and Stella Cidre, which kicked off the trend, has been particularly hard hit, with a third of its fruit-flavours delisted across Sainsbury’s, Waitrose, Morrisons and Asda. When asked why, an Asda spokeswoman used the magic word ‘premium’.
And that’s the trouble. There is honesty in cider. All those orchards, the notion of plump apples and fresh-squeezed juice and local farmers, working to bring you your beverage. But that is not being communicated well. The Swedes are doing a great job selling the purity and cleanness of cider – clean lines, clear fonts, in both cases, the look is as clear and sharp as an ice cube. But in general, premium flavoured drinks aren’t an easy sell.
Bulmers have taken this on board. They now talk about their Herefordshire orchards, and their trees dating back to the 1930s. They’re not mired in the past – clever use of colour, including the #LiveColourful hashtag on Instagram, and the artful B logo, with its apple and leaf, demonstrate that – and in fact, rather than a return to roots, this is a carefully thought-out £2million relaunch by Bulmers’ owner Heineken, including a new bottle that looks great, although did attract criticism for being smaller than its predecessor with no reduction in price. Then again, premium brands attract premium pricing, as they are surely aware.
This clear-sighted attempt to highlight the authenticity and integrity of the Bulmers brand seems very clever. There are plenty of cider brands out there that need to acknowledge that consumers may enjoy novelty, for a moment, but what’s consistent is their demand for quality and honesty. Their visual cues are coming from craft beer – and nobody can deny how successful those have been. Which makes sense: these are uncertain times; if people are going to spend money, they want to spend it on something that delivers a great all-round experience, not a forgettable one-hit wonder.

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